Tuesday, September 23, 2014


Okay friends and family...here is said mission blog. :)
My papers will be submitted this week! And two to three weeks after that, I will receive my mission call! I thought I'd start a blog now, to keep everyone updated. 

I would like the purpose of this blog to be 1) to uplift and inspire others through my experiences and testimony 2) to provide a type of connection with my family and friends while I am away serving the Lord 3) and an opportunity for me to practice ordering and expressing my thoughts and opinions clearly and concisely.

I will try to make this blog as coherent as possible. If you've tried having a serious conversation with me, or even just listened to me speak, you know my thoughts and my trying to connect those thoughts as words that make a cohesive statement is like unraveling an endless ball of knotted yarn. Sometimes, I don’t use complete sentences and random words are thrown about, hoping they’ll land somewhere and convey what I’m thinking. I hope that writing with the purpose of sharing will help me learn how to gather my thoughts and express them clearly. I am also learning that my opinions are valid and important. I’ve decided I need to do things that scare me. And sharing my thoughts scares me. (I’m going to learn a lot on the mission, huh?) This blog is as much for me as it is for my friends and family. I just hope my words will influence you who read this for good. I am very grateful and excited for the opportunity to serve a mission, as I will definitely learn so much, including how to communicate and express myself clearly, so as to let the spirit work through me to reach other people.

My writing style is rather wordy, so free feel to scan and take what you will from my probably over-lengthy posts. :) 

This blog is meant to keep in touch with family-I can't even begin to say how much I love you! The support you’ve shown me throughout the years has really touched me. The more I experience in life, the more I realize how large a part family is to our Father in heaven’s plan. And I am very grateful to have you as my family. Not to mention that fact that you are just amazing individuals! You’re off doing and learning cool things and growing in your own way, and I truly appreciate your examples and your willingness to support me in my own adventures. 

And friends-Just let me tell you, I love you all so much! if you have the slightest feeling that you are a friend, you are. If you have made the slightest imprint on my life, let me tell you, you are my friend. If you have showed any kindness to me, let me tell you, you are my friend. And I love you and care about you! You are important to me. I can’t tell you how it has impacted me to have people in my life that care about me. I only hope that I have returned that to you and been a gracious and accepting friend.

I do hope that my experiences will uplift and inspire those of you who read it. I hope that I can communicate the love I have for you and the love the Savior has for you. I know this blog is one of many, many other blogs dedicated to sharing the experiences of elders and sisters as they serve missions for the Lord. So, as one of the thousands out there, I add my testimony to theirs.

I know this gospel is true. I know Christ lives. He walked on this earth and suffered for my sins and heartaches and sorrows. He provided a way for me to return to our Father in Heaven. I know that I cannot do it by myself, and I have a testimony of taking advantage of the Atonement, not only to repent of sins, but also to continually better myself. I know that Joseph Smith translated the Book of Mormon. I know that the essential truths of the gospel were restored to him, and we have those truths available to us now. I know that we have inspired leaders and a prophet to direct this church through this changing and fallen world. I know that everything will work out. I know that each one of us is loved and understood by our friend and Savior, and I end in his name, Jesus Christ, amen.

Look at my handsome brother. He is serving a mission also! What a blessing to have such an amazing brother and example! Check out his mission blog here.

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