Monday, November 17, 2014

Sharon Springs Week 3

Hi again!
Sorry for the generic blog/email titles. Not much time and thought for creativity on P-day. 
Sorry for the picture in the last email! It must not have been uploaded all the way before I sent it. I'll send it today. 
I can't remember what I've written in the past emails, but I'll just jump right in and write what comes to mind. 
My companion, Sister Storrs is great. She's from Louisiana. She graduated from BYU in exercise and wellness. So we definitely exercise in the mornings. Which is awesome. We wake up at 6:15 and usually go on a run. Sometimes there are sprints involved. Sometimes we stay in the apartment and do a workout. Tricep dips kill me. This morning we were able to run in the rain and that was my absolute favorite!
Georgia is gorgeous. When it rains, it seems to mist up from the ground. It's beautiful. So many trees and I love it. 
We've really been working with the ward with missionary work. It is amazing to see the ward get so involved. Members are always coming with us to lessons, or letting us teach at their home. It is so important for investigators to form that connection with a member and not just the missionaries. And eventually, we want to help them for their own connection with God so they are able to stand on their own and say 'I know this is true, no matter who or what tells me otherwise' It's been very sad to see people fall away from the church because of something somebody did a long time ago and they can't let go of it. It reminds me to constantly be aware of what I say and what I do and just who I am, because it truly does affect others around me in ways I do not know. And especially at this time, when I have been called as a representative of Jesus Christ. Amazing responsibility, but such an amazing privilege and blessing. Remember that you are an example and your faithfulness and righteousness does influence others.
I love you all! I love hearing about how you are doing.
Until next time!

​This was the picture that was supposed to send last week.   

​Sister Storrs and I contacting in a little park down our street.

​First exchange with Sister Paulson from the Coal Mountain area
         ​​Sister Storrs and I on our first P-day
Tree-lined streets of Georgia. So beautiful.

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