Monday, November 24, 2014

Sharon Springs - Week 4

Hello again!

Sister Storrs and I have caught the stomach bug and I'm still recovering and my head is kind of foggy, so this post will be rather short. But all is well! The Lord takes care of his servants.

So this week has been great. We had Zone Conference. President Bennion and his wife spoke. They are fairly new. They've only been out 4 months. And they are amazing examples of faith in Jesus Christ and trusting in him. It is amazing to see that we are all in this work together; the mission President and his wife, companions, the members. We are all one in purpose in bringing others closer to Christ.

Something that stuck out to me during Zone Conference is that our faith is powerful. When we increase our faith, we increase the power that comes through us. Our personal faithfulness and righteousness can and does affect those around us. A very inspiring and intimidating thought. But the amazing thing is that the Lord is there. He is always, constantly there for us and we wants us to increase in faith. All we need to do is show our desire and take steps of faith. 

​A bridal shower we were able to visit.

Maybe next week I'll have more pictures! I keep forgetting to take pictures. 
Thank you for your prayers and support! I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving! 

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