Monday, December 1, 2014

Sharon Springs - Week 5

Hello again family and friends!
I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

This week has been great. The weather here is chilly, but it's still basically Fall. This winter will definitely be different from any I've experienced. If it snows though, the whole state basically shuts down. And people say that that might happen again this winter. So we'll see. I wouldn't mind the snow.

Sister Storrs and I had Thanksgiving dinner with a wonderful member family, the Hiltons. That is also the family that has really opened their home to one of our investigators. Member missionary work is the best. Honestly. The members can relate and teach and share and just connect in a way with investigators that we as missionaries can't necessarily. Plus they have experience in the gospel and amazing testimonies.

And this week I want to focus on the importance of the Spirit in teaching. And not just in missionary work. In everything. When the spirit is present, relationships are formed stronger and deeper than in any other setting. And the amazing thing is, when that happens we are actually building our relationship with Christ, not just the other people involved. I really feel that I can not teach people anything. All I can do is create and environment where the Spirit can teach them. Our purpose is to present information clearly and fervently, and then let the Spirit work in peoples' hearts. It is a beautiful thing. 
And every time we teach, my testimony is strengthened. I know that we have the true, restored gospel of Christ today. I know that we are led by a man called of God to be an anchor in these chaotic times. Hold fast to the truths we know. And we will find peace.

I love you all! And hope you have a wonderful week!

In the Hiltons home with their daughter, Delaney and JB, our investigator. 

Doing service for a couple. They gave us cool hats. Love it. 

One of our investigators picks up the extra/older food items from local grocery stores and then takes them to charities. Sometimes we help her by taking the stuff she can't fit in her car. We had no clue what to do with it. So we've been passing it out to members for a couple of days. Haha! Crazy stuff.

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